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Domiciliary care

Domiciliary care is a range of services designed to support an individual living independently in their own residence. It may include assistance with chores, personal care, or anything else that is needed to keep an individual comfortable.

It allows you or your family member to stay in the environment you prefer  at home.

Care workers who are fully trained visit regularly at home and will assist with tasks such as;

Personal Care

We understand that personal care can be sensitive to each individual. Whether you need help with dressing or bathing, or meals and medication, we can make a big difference to your quality of life.
We start building a strong relationship with our CareGivers by being discreet and taking the time to get to know our clients personally to ensure that the experience is as unique and personal as possible.

Live In Care

With the help of our carers, you can remain safe, healthy and happy in the comfort of your own home, surrounded by those memories and belongings that are most meaningful to you.
We will select the right care for you based on your shared interests and hobbies to provide you with 24 hour home care support. 

Palliative Care

Most people prefer to stay at home when they’re diagnosed with a life limiting condition or illness because being at home is comfortable and they feel more in control.
Despite this sad time in your family’s life, were here to support your loved ones and give you the support you deserve through our palliative home care service, which is individually tailored to meet their specific needs.


Our team is here to support you and your family members if you receive a dementia diagnosis.
Family relationships can be profoundly impacted when a loved one’s needs change, as the need for or delivery of care can be a heartbreaking experience.

Waking Night

A loved one’s or your own anxiety about going to sleep alone can be greatly relieved with overnight care. However, it also helps in many other ways as well, including:

help administering medications through the night, assisting with toilet breaks and movement of position in bed regularly as needed etc.

Sleep in night

Even for the elderly, nighttime can be a particularly trying time when they require extra help and support. Disease, darkness, and dementia can all cause elderly individuals to be particularly vulnerable

With nighttime care, you can feel secure knowing your loved one is in good hands.

Companion care

When people get older, they may feel isolated and lonely as their loved ones have passed away, or as their family members live some distance away and cannot provide the same level of support they would like, due to leading busy lives through no fault of their own.

Accessing local amenities

We are happy to assist you access  local amenities such as: local councils, doctors’ surgeries, shops, banks, pubs, post offices, theatres, hairdressers, places of worship, voluntary groups, such as play groups and many others.

Attending appointments

To ensure that your loved ones follow through with their appointments, we will take them to the desired location, whether it’s the doctor, day care center, etc. We will also make sure that they are always safe in transit to and from the appointment location.